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Free book from Peter K.
(co-founder of the German Initiative Hope for Life)


In his book "execution warrant - a diary" Peter K. describes, in the form of a diary, the time when his pen pal Ramiro Rubi Ibarra was about to be executed.
For those who have not yet understood why many people also feel pity and compassion for death row inmates, their family members and friends, we especially recommend this booklet.


The book can be downloaded here for free in PDF format:



A printed edition, printed by IHfL using a laser printer, can be ordered for a refund of shipping costs and perhaps a small donation. To do so, simply send an email to:


From the comments of some readers:

"...I am totally thrilled with your book! It is very emotional and touching! On the other hand, so much hope and strength on Ruby's part is just amazing! I admire your friend insanely! And I am shocked at the treatment of those sentenced to -death- in the USA!"

"...I find just such texts , like yours, very important to stimulate people to change their view and to debunk the one or other prejudice."

"...your "diary" is certainly an important method of self-therapy, in order to be able to bear the constant confrontation with the fate descriptions of the prisoners."

"...I have read your booklet 2x now and I liked it very much...The death penalty is cruel and inhuman...You also write about the Germans' opinion about the death penalty. Some are like us, but many, unfortunately very many, are supporters of this killing machinery...The booklet is worth reading. That's for sure..."

"...Your report is harrowing!"

From the book's foreword:

What does it mean when a person is to be executed. Many people do not ask themselves this question. For them it is quite simple. He is guilty and that is his punishment. But it is not so simple. Because of course the prisoner suffers from the torture on death row, which often lasts for decades. But not only he, but with him also many people who are close to him. One aspect that is usually completely ignored is the suffering that the death penalty causes to people who were not even sentenced to death.

I have long thought about whether I should really publish the following. It is partly very personal and subjective. But this is exactly how it is when a good friend, a family member is to be executed - terrible damage is done to all involved.

This diary is about that. About the fear, the tears, the nightmares it means when an execution is imminent.

It is about anger and despair - sadness and grief for people when their martial call for "justice" by means of capital punishment causes endless suffering.

The death penalty is cruel and inhumane.
Only mercy can liberate humankind from suffering.

Peter K.


The book can be downloaded here for free in PDF format:




Free booklet for download

In our work against the death penalty, we meet again and again people who are full of hate - yes they wish the prisoners on death row the worst mutilations and agony - and say they would like to do the prisoners these torments themselves. Their views are shaped by the image of the "monster" and they deny the death candidates any right to be human.

We want to counter this with this little booklet.

Peter K.


Read the harrowing words of


Michael Lambrix

(executed in Florida on 10/05/2017)


Patrick Hannon

(executed in Florida on 11/08/.2017)


as well as a heartfelt text about "unconditional love


Billie Wayne Coble

(executed in Texas on 02/28/2019)



The book can be downloaded here for free in PDF format:


The booklet in A5 format can be ordered from us for a small contribution to the cost - and you are welcome to order several copies to pass on. To do this, simply send us a message.


Lancelot Armstrong - Dreams from the death cell


ISBN: 9783750284395

Lancelot Armstrong was born in Jamaica in 1963 and moved to the USA during the 1980′er years. In 1990 he is said to have shot a police officer in Florida and to have seriously injured another one. For this murder he was sentenced to death in 1991. The main witness was pressured by the investigating officers and incriminated him, but later withdrew her testimony and thus exonerated Lancelot Armstrong! - To this day Lancelot Armstrong insists on his innocence. Since 1991 Lancelot Armstrong has been on death row in a solitary cell and has to live there under terrible conditions. There he paints beautiful and dreamlike paintings. A selection of these paintings can be found in this book. Besides some texts by Mr. Armstrong, there is also a biographical report by Peter K. in this book about this man threatened by the death penalty - about his traumatizing youth, which was dominated by violence and torture and caused severe mental and physical damage to him. Experience paintings you would never have expected from death row. Look deep into the soul of this man, who is so full of love and hope, despite all that has been done to him to this day. Let yourself be touched - by his dreams from death row.